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5.3 Sakai and Writing Resources

Faculty will maintain a section-specific Sakai site to enrich the Pacific Seminar 1 learning experience. The site is located at https://pacific.rsmart.com/. Login with your PacificNet ID and password.

The 2012–13 PACS 1 Writing Guide for the writing workshops is bundled with the course textbook in the bookstore. Many of the materials in the guide come from the following online writing resource, which is a useful reference guide for most university courses that require essays and research papers: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl.

5.5 Students with Disabilities

If you are a student with a disability who requires accommodations, please contact the Director of the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) for information on how to obtain an Accommodations Request Letter.

3-Step Accommodation Process

  1. Student meets with the SSD Director and provides documentation and completes registration forms.
  2. Student requests accommodation(s) each semester by completing the Request for Accommodations Form.
  3. Student arranges to meet with his/her professors to discuss the accommodation(s) and to sign the Accommodation Request Letter

To ensure timeliness of services, it is preferable that you obtain the accommodation letter(s) from the Office of SSD. Depending on course and session, the wait time may be as long as 1-2 weeks or as short as 1-2 days. After the instructor receives the accommodation letter, please schedule a meeting with the instructor during office hours or some other mutually convenient time to arrange the accommodation(s).

The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is located in the McCaffrey Center, Rm. 137. Phone: 209-946-3221. Email: ssd@pacific.edu. Online: www.pacific.edu/disabilities

7. PACS 1 Writing Mentors

There are Student Writing Mentors available in the Student Writing Center in the Library (2nd floor) specifically for PACS 1 students. The Writing Mentors offer on-demand, drop-in tutorials. They will see students on referral from faculty, by appointment from students themselves, or simply as “drop-ins.” Writing Mentors can assist student writers in the following ways:

  • Holding regular, drop-in office hours in the Student Writing Center to handle a range of writing issues
  • Consulting with students in the early stages of writing: brainstorming, outlining, idea mapping, etc.
  • Responding to first, second, or third drafts of assigned essays
  • Assisting students with required revisions of graded or returned essays
  • The mentors, however, are NOT there to proofread, edit, or evaluate your drafts. They don’t do the work for you; they help you with ideas on how you can improve.

The Writing Center is open during regular Main Library hours for student use beginning September 11. The PACS 1 Writing Mentor staffing schedule will be posted and information sent out to all faculty early in the semester. For additional information, contact Interim Director Eileen Camfield by phone at 942-2970 or email at ecamfield@pacific.edu. You can also call the Writing Center at 817-1497.

8. Student Advisors

Each of you met your Student Advisor (SA) at Orientation and again at the session scheduled before Convocation. Your SA is committed to supporting your success over your first year at Pacific and will serve as a resource to you in multiple ways. Besides the usual contact you will have with your student advisor, you must also attend three meetings with your SA over the course of the year. Two of the meetings are in collaboration with your Pacific Seminar course.

The first of these meetings will continue the discussion of academic integrity and expand it to include the relationship between your personal competencies and decision making in the Pacific community. The second meeting will continue the discussion of consent in sexual relationships and your personal responsibilities for community safety. Attendance at these meetings is required, and absences will be counted in the course attendance policy described in this syllabus.

Your SA will provide you information about the specific schedule of sessions for your group. If you have questions about this portion of the Pacific Seminar experience, please contact your student advisor or call Student Academic Support Services, 946-2177.