Schedule of Assignments

Complete the assignments before coming to class that day, and be prepared to answer questions about them and to discuss them with your peers. Bring your assigned readings to class. There will also be one required film, The Namesake.

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Discussion Facilitation Dates here

The sign-up sheet for Additional Writing Blog Posts is scanned and ON SAKAI— go there if you forgot your date




Reading(s) & Assignments


Aug. 26


Aug. 28

How is college different?

Digital Literacies:

a) Who Are We?

b) Course Blog

Meiland (1)


Google Class Survey

Register for Course

Aug. 30

Critical thinking 1


a) what is an online persona?

b) start blogging

Rampton and Stauber (2)


Online persona
reading TBA

Write 300-400 word blog post on R&S and/or Meiland (CP 10 points)

Sign up for Blog Post & Responses dates online


Sept. 2

No class: Labor Day

Sept. 4

The power of education

DL: introduction to Zotero

Douglass (3)

Hernandez (4)

DL: Go to
and set up an account; join the Zotero class group
(CP 5 points)

Sept. 6

Critical thinking 2

Mill (5)

Updated 9/4: Bring a news story (or post a link to a news story to the blog) about free speech; if you post: click the Free Speech category when you make your post; (CP 5 points to bring/post article)

DL: Fill out your
assigned bibliographic entry(s) on Zotero (CP 5


Sept. 9

Perspectives on knowledge

Asimov (7)

Popper (online HERE)

DL: Fix your assigned bibliographic
entry(s) on Zotero (CP 5 points)

Sept. 11

Ethical perspectives

Training the mind: A Buddhist perspective

Sandel (11)

Bandura (12)

Strong (9)

The Dhammapada (online)

Sept. 13

Writing workshop 1a:
Academic integrity

DL: using Zotero for citations

Sadler (10)

Tiger Lore (online HONOR CODE)


Sept. 16

Writing workshop 1b:
Academic integrity

Paper 1 due: review
in class

Sept. 18

Community and technology

Sexual conduct and consent

Turkle (23)

McGregor (13)

Sept. 19 (Thurs)

Extra Credit:  Colliver Lecture on Religion

“Why Did the Early Christians Die as Martyrs?”

Prof. Candida Moss, U. of Notre Dame

DeRosa Center Ballroom, 7 pm

EC: Write a blog post by 5 pm Friday; bonus points toward
your Additional Writing grade

Sept. 20

Religion and Science

Einstein (6)

Haught (8)


Sept. 23

Arts experience (pre-event discussion)

Revised Paper 1 Due

Sept. 25


Chan (14)

Staples (15)

MacIntosh (16)

Sept 26 (Thurs)

Performing Arts Experience:  Fiddler on the Roof, Stockton Civic
Theater, 2312 Rose Marie Lane, 7:30 pm (arrive 7:15 to ensure seating, etc.)


Sept. 27

Arts experience (post-event discussion)

No readings; Blog post of analysis due Monday


Sept. 30

On the borderlands of identity

Anzaldua (17)

Fayad (18)

Frazier (19)

Blog analysis of Fiddler due

Oct. 2

Family traditions

Ojeda (20)

Silko (21)

Oct. 4

No class: Fall break


Watch The Namesake this week if you haven’t already

Oct. 7

Traditions shifting (marriage)

Coontz (22)

Oct. 9

Writing Workshop
2:  Developing a Thesis

Also discussion of The

Oct. 11

Writing workshop 2:
Developing a Thesis

Paper 2 Deadline A


Oct. 14

The development of liberal individualism

Locke (28)

Declaration of Independence (29)

Paper 2 Deadline B

Oct. 16

Inequalities in schooling

Kozol (25)

Oct. 18

Paper 2 Deadline C


Oct. 21

The moral decline argument

Elshtain (30)

Oct. 23

Citizenship and inequality 

Glenn (31)

Alexander (33)

Hughes (36)

Oct. 25

Obedience to the law?

Lincoln (34)

MLK (35)


Oct. 28


Oct. 30


Nov. 1

The courts and same-sex marriage

DOMA opinions (DOMA_Decisions)


Nov. 4

Writing workshop 3

Nov. 6

Environmental inequalities

Sciotte (26)

Leslie (online HERE)

Nov. 8

Pluralism and religious diversity

Eck (39)


Nov. 11

Work and economics


Ehrenreich (44)

Nov. 13

Consumerism and identity

Writing workshop 4: Revision, style

Kilbourne (24)

Paper 3 Deadline A

Nov. 15

Economics of food

Pollan (41)


Nov. 18

Environment and ethics

Wapner (45)

Muir (46)

Paper 3 Deadline B

Nov. 20

Disruptions of globalization

Enloe (47)

Duhigg and Barbozza

Nov. 22


Paper 3 Deadline C


Nov. 25

Science, art, and the world

Blalog TEDTalk Chasing Ice


Nov. 27

No class:


Nov. 29

No class:



Dec. 2


52.+Sustainability+Primer (52; online)

Sarfina (53)

Dec. 4

What to do?

Ryan and Durning (54)

Maniates (55)

Goodall (56)

Dec. 6

Looking across borders


Appiah (57)

Final Blog Post Due

* Because sections are free to choose their own common arts experience, the two days
devoted to the arts experience are actually floating days and should be
inserted before and after the event with the remaining schedule moved forward
or backward to accommodate them.

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