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Your first blog post

For Friday, August 30, everyone in the class will write a brief blog post.

1) Follow the link in your email to register for the private student blog.

2) Use the “tour guide” assignment we discussed in class to write a blog post about either Meiland or Rampton and Stauber.  Before  you write, think about your online persona:  when you are writing about class materials, do you use the same style as in emails to your family? posts to Facebook? a formal essay for class?  The context here is academic.  How will you present yourself and your ideas?

3) The blog post should be 300-400 words long.  It will count toward your class participation grade (up to 10 points; see the section syllabus on grading and participation)

4) you are welcome to comment on other students’ posts if you wish.  I will consider this part of your class participation.